Milleforme. Comunicazione integrata.

Milleforme. Integrated communication.

Serving all your projects, aimed at all your plans, complementary to all your goals.
More than tools, these are essential steps for your business development.


Development and creation of a company, brand or product name.

Logo Design.

Devising and designing of a brand, outstanding in its originality and quality of the graphic and print design.

Corporate and Brand Identity.

Development of an identity system for a company or brand, inclusive of all its steps and items (strategy, visual and/or nominal identity, coordinated image, etc.)..

Retail Identity.

Development of an identity system for a retail brand (coordinated image for retail outlet, 3D cutouts and displays, outfitting materials, in-store events, etc.)..

Identity Manual.

Development of rules handbooks for applying a brand or guidelines for an entire identity system.

Literature Design.

SDevelopment of graphic designs for corporate documentation such as corporate brochures, product brochures, annual reports, house organs, newsletters, catalogues, calendars, invitations, greetings cards, press folders, etc.


Creative concept, devising and drafting of entire advertising copy.


Devising, designing and development of advertisement products, in particular advertising campaigns via various media.

Publishing Design.

Development of graphic designs exclusively for public or specialist publishing, such as: magazines, newspapers, books and/or covers, series, etc.

Exhibition Design.

Designs of signage systems (wayfinding design) and outfitting of airports, stations, hotels, restaurants including fast food restaurants, trade fair stands, shows, exhibitions, live events.

Calligraphy / Handwriting.

Decorative writing of titles, slogans, logotypes; compiling of addresses on invitations and/or envelopes for private and commercial events.

Web Design.

Graphic design and development of websites, portals, e-commerce, cms, blogs.

Web Marketing.

Planning and creation of SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing) and social media marketing strategies.

E-mail Marketing.

Creation of customised newsletters for direct email marketing campaigns.